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Madonna supports climate changeSir David Attenborough

How could I look my grandchildren in the eye and say I knew what was happening to the world and did nothing"

Sir David Attenborough


What is the Climate Change Challenge

Trevor Baylis OBE - Supporter of The Climate Change Challenge
Can you invent a REG (renewable energy generator) that will produce at least 90% of an average household's energy requirements and retail for £500?

Green energy from wind turbines and solar panels is currently not within the reach of many people due to its high cost and the length of time it takes to recover the cost of the device.

We aim to bring renewable energy within the reach of everybody making it affordable and sustainable. Our aim is to use the invention as the long term solution to help eradicate fuel poverty throughout the world and to tackle Climate Change.


Why set Up the Challenge
Energy prices are rising to levels higher than all expectations compounding the latest social evil, fuel poverty. Millions have fallen into the fuel poverty trap around the world and numbers are expected to rise rapidly as energy prices increase globally.

Planet EarthThe high usage of fossil fuel; coal, oil and natural gas in almost every aspect of our life is producing an ever increasing level of carbon dioxide. It has been scientifically proven that it is threatening to destroy the earth's atmosphere causing climate chaos. Our dependency on fossil fuel is also slowly depleting the earth of its natural resources.

We must look to renewable energy alternatives that are in their abundance for each everyone of us to use freely. Yes, freely available to everyone no matter where they live or how poor they are.

Not an Inventor
Then Pledge4REG was set up for you! This humanitarian initiative r
uns alongside The Climate Change Challenge.

Pledge4REG logoPlease make a Pledge. Making a Pledge4REG won't cost you anything, but will voice your support for free, green domestic renewable energy and will help to support our campaign to end fuel poverty.

Are you an Inventor
Click here for more information about the Climate Change Challenge™ and how to enter the challenge.

Climate Change Challenge Logo

Calling all would be inventors!
Trevor Baylis, OBE inventor of the wind-up radio says, "This is a call for all inventors to start applying their minds to the challenge of developing a renewable energy generator. If you can solve a problem, you are on your way to becoming an inventor."

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