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Madoona -Patron to Climate Change Challenge and Pledge4REGMadonna as Patron

“I am delighted that Madonna is Patron to these wonderful humanitarian and life changing initiatives.

Madonna has become an icon of our time and is known virtually in every corner of the globe. I wonder whether there is another living person who can reach so many simply by using their first name.

Madonna is an inspiration to so many ordinary people throughout the world. She was not born with a “silver spoon” in her mouth, no, quite the opposite. This intelligent lady has honed her skills and used her talent to entertain and engage billions of people from all races, all creeds across all continents of the globe. She has shared her music and love for humanity with everyone she has encountered.

Madonna’s true humanitarian spirit goes unnoticed much of the time. Her contribution to mankind is not simply the happiness she has brought to so many through entertainment but the genuine and generous work she continues to thoughtfully undertake through Raising Malawi. Visit the Raising Malawi site and you will see what I mean

I believe her true humanitarian spirit helped her decide within two days of being contacted to lend her name as Patron to our Global causes. My gratitude and thanks go out to her for helping us make a difference to so many lives in the world.”

Robert Lee, Founder of UK 8020


What some of our other supporters have to say!

Chris Huhne MP

" Meeting the challenges of climate change will take innovation and commitment. The Climate Change Challenge is an exciting and practical way to find a solution to the challenges which lie ahead. Making clean energy at home will be reasonable and easy.
Sign me up!

Chris Huhne MP
Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Trevor Baylis OBE - Climate Change Challenge Supporter


" My invention saved lives. Your invention can profoundly affect and improve the lives of millions too.  We are a nation of inventors so rise to the Climate Change Challenge now! "

Trevor Baylis OBE - world famous inventor


Harfiyah Haleem - IFEES

" The Climate Change Challenge is a great initiative to stimulate creative
thinking on economically viable electricity generation for households.
There are far more households than large businesses in the world, so whoever
comes up with an answer should recover their investment many times over, not
to mention the gratitude of all those households.

Harfiyah Haleem, Trustee of IFEES
(Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Studies)

Geoff Thompson


" The initiatives will pave the way to a new society, a society that cares for the planet and the people in it."

Geoff Thompson, Bafta Award Winning Writer, Teacher and Martial Artist



7th Goodmayes Scouts

"Great cause, will change the lives of millions!"

Fareena Aslam, Scout Leader 7th Goodmayes Scouts


Paul Hampton Express Printing


" Heart warming to see someone taking a positive action towards the two problems we all face today; climate change and fuel poverty "

Paul Hampton, Managing Director, Express Printing


Rev Dave Bookless


" This is an excellent initiative which encompasses and links all aspects of sustainability - the economic, the environmental and the social. "

Rev Dave Bookless, National Director, A Rocha UK



" I recently attended the launch at the very  prestigious Mandarin Hotel in Knightsbridge. I was blown away with the enthusiasm and the initiative to get people thinking actively about the swiftly changing world in which we live in. I am very happy to fully support this innovative and important scheme that has been devised. Really well done! "

Martin Carr, Film Producer, Formosa Films



" Ideas aren't reserved for politicians and academics. Innovation is a human gift that will help us respond to the human crisis of climate change. Climate Change Challenge is a brilliant initiative to help uncover some brilliant solutions."

Richard Benwell, Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge