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All the latest news and views from around the world on Climate Change, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009 aftermath, Fuel Poverty and innovative Green Inventions. Up to the minute life changing and ground breaking news that could have a major effect wherever you live in the world.


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Large rise in CO2 emissions sounds climate change alarm 8 Mar 2013

China to Boost Renewable Power in 2013
25 Jan 2013

How serious is Barack Obama about climate change? 21 Jan 2013

2012 hottest year on record in contiguous U.S
16 Jan 2013

Climate change: Soot's role underestimated, says study
15 Jan 2013

Plants flower faster than climate change models predict - 2 May 2012

Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study - 30 April 2012

Energy subsidies push up the price of wood
16 Dec 2011

Cop 17 - Huhne hails UN climate change deal that will cost UK taxpayers £6billion by 2020 - 15 Dec 2011

Africa: What Are the Outcomes of the Durban COP 17 Climate Change Talks? 13 Dec 2011

One third of humanity faces biggest risks from climate change - 31 Oct 2011

1,000 New Jobs' Created By Energy Projects
30 Oct 2011

Skeptic’s own study finds climate change real
30 Oct 2011

Doctors warn climate change is greatest threat to public health - 18 Oct 2011

South Africa takes climate change seriously
3 Oct 2011

Climate change blamed for storms, flooding, drought
2 Oct 2011

Journal editor resigns over problematic climate paper
2 Sep 2011

10,000 in Sydney say 'yes' to a carbon tax
6 Jun 2011

UK proposes fourth carbon budget - 19 May 2011

China's Climate Change Challenge - 24 Apr 2011

Rice paddy fields threatened by climate change
7 Apr 2011

Chris Huhne: Nuclear power may become less attractive option for UK - 16 Mar 2011

Wind power cheaper than nuclear, says EU climate chief - 17 Mar 2011

Fewer Americans worry about climate change
16 Mar 2011

Antarctic ice reveals trapped secrets of climate change - 28 Nov 2010

Senate kills climate-change bill ahead of UN talks
17 Nov 2010

China Says Nations share a Common Duty Responsibility on Climate Change
3 Nov 2009

UN Climate Change Panel Chairman to Stay
15 Oct 2010

Royal Society's climate change guide cuts confusion out of the hard science
30 Sept 2010

Climate change threatens bees, flowers, food
8 Sep 2010

Putin ponders climate change in Arctic
23 Aug 2010

In Weather Chaos, a Case for Global Warming
14 Aug 2010

When the Smoke Clears in Russia, Will Climate Policy Change? - 11 Aug 2010

Climate change: extremes of weather around the world
9 Aug 2010

No Climate Deal Likely in Mexico Climate Change
28 July 10

Obama vows to fight on for climate change bill
27 July 10

Countryside has been overlooked amid climate change battle - 26 July 10

Committee On Climate Change Calls For More Investment - 20 July 2010

UK Royal Society revives confusion as US concludes climate change certainty
28 May 2010

Media must act against climate change - 11 May 10

Singapore and Climate change, the stumbling block of domestic politics
3 May 2010

Labour election manifesto is weak, not tough, on causes of climate change
12 Apr 2010

Wind turbines to circle Loch Ness - 8 Apr 2010

Economy, Climate Change and Burma Are on the Agenda at Asean Summit
7 Apr 2010

Water, development and climate change
22 Mar 2010

Nations large and small join climate change campaign
20 Mar 2010

Vietnam Government leads region in climate change challenge - 19 Mar 2010

Unveiled: Scotland's carbon capture plans to challenge climate change
11 Mar 2010

Rainforest pact- Brazil and the US agree to cooperate
5 Mar 2010

End to Bickering Urged to Achieve New Climate Change Pact - 26 Feb 2010

Weather forecasts will get better - 25 Feb 2010

Climate Change e-mails inquiry begins
11 Feb 2010

Challenge of climate change post-Copenhagen
1 Feb 2010

U.S. pledges 17 percent carbon emissions reduction by 2020
29 Jan 2010

China, India, Brazil, S Africa Agree Climate Change Action
24 Jan 2010

Climate change action has stalled
22 Jan 2010

Massachusetts vote hurts US climate bill
20 Jan 2010

Glacier Melt Rate to Be Re-Examined By UN Panel
19 Jan 2010

Extreme weather linked to climate change, say Chinese - 5 Jan 2010

Limited Progress at Copenhagen Conference says India - 3 Jan 2010

Economists Warn of a Climate Trade War
29 Dec 2009

Copenhagen has given us the chance to face climate change with honesty - 27 Dec 2009

Lessons from the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
21 Dec 2009

Obama's Copenhagen Speech
20 Dec 2009

Sudan, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia denounce Copenhagen Climate plan
19 Dec 2009

Santa tells delegates from 192 countries he is going green - 18 Dec 2009

10 million girls ramp up their climate change action - 17 Dec 2009

The impact of climate change on Canada
16 Dec 2009

Sarah Palin leader or hypocrite on Climate Change
15 Dec 2009

US should spend as much on climate change as war
11 Dec 2009

Obama should boycott Copenhagen says Sarah Palin - 9 Dec 2009

Causes of Climate Change slammed by 140 Scientists
8 Dec 2009

Met Office confirms the warmest decade on record
8 Dec 2009

Copenhagen summit begins climate change action urged
7 Dec 2009

Copenhagen climate conference CO2 free Express train
7 Dec 2009

How to save the world, what the experts think will be achieved in Copenhagen - 6 Dec 2009

Nepal government rises to climate change challenge
4 Dec 2009

Climate Change experts warn adapt or die
4 Dec 2009

700 million dollars to Asian climate investments
4 Dec 2009

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd goes empty handed to Copenhagen
4 Dec 2009

Australia's Parliament defeats climate change bill
2 Dec 2009

Climate Scientist Steps Down - 2 Dec 2009

The Copenhagen Challenge - 28 Nov 2009

UK's Brown proposes $10 billion climate change fund 27 Nov 2009

Obama has failed the world on climate change
17 Nov 2009

Global Warming Brightens the Outlook for British Wine
13 Nov 2009

US and Japan joint message on climate change
13 Nov 2009

China addresses climate change 11 Nov 2009

USA Climate change bill is in trouble - 8 Nov 2009

US pledge will only be about 4% - 7 Nov 2009

Cities must meet climate change challenge
15 Oct 2009

Climate change challenge could generate thousands of jobs
14 Oct 2009

Meet the climate change challenge together says Obama 22 Sept 2009

Climate change impact acknowledged by UN chief in Arctic
2 Sept 2009

Climate Change Study Finds Big Storms on a 1,000-Year Rise
13 Aug 2009

Obama to Press Kremlin on Climate Change - 3 July 09

Sweden pushes EU climate change action 1 July 09

Climate change will make Britain hot, wet and wild
19 June 09

Wales ahead in zero-carbon race
7 May 09

Ethanol Will Test Obama’s Stance On Climate Change
4 May 09

Global pact to fight climate change - 5 May 09

The truth about climate change
27 April 09

UK calls for populist push in battle against climate change
26 April 09

US Climate Change Bill bold step forward 9 Apr 09

Maldives rises to climate challenge - 18 Mar 09

Industry leaders denying climate change, says UK science minister
5 Mar 09

Young People to Swarm Capitol With Green Agenda - 1 Mar 09

2009 Crucial Year for Climate Change Action in Philippines
23 Feb 2009

China: Clinton faces climate change challenge 16 Feb 2009

Miliband announces green makeover for every home in Britain by 2030 12 Feb 2009

Quarter of UK homes to be offered a green makeover
9 Feb 2009

Is technology pulling its weight in the fight against climate change
9 Feb 09

British ambassador to China, tackling climate change is compatible with economic recovery - 7 Feb 09

China puts £60bn into energy - 5 Feb 09

Biofuels more harmful to humans than petrol and diesel, warn scientists 2 Feb 09

Top economist Nicholas Stern calls for green revolution
21 Jan 09

Obama urged not to backburner climate change 30-01-09

China to promote use of energy-efficient vehicles 29-01-09

EU urges US climate commitment 28-01-09

India’s emissions 93% below than US 17-11-08

UK is world leader in offshore wind 21-10-08

UK leads world with commitment to cut emissions by 80% by 2050 16-10-08

UK expected to exceed Kyoto emission targets


Fuel poverty to rise to 8.5m, report warns
15 Mar 2013

New energy secretary Ed Davey will help cash-strapped households to beat soaring power bills
3 Feb 2012

Chris Huhne calls for consumers to switch energy suppliers - 17 Oct 2011

Fuel poverty figures are understated, says consumer body - 14 July 2011

The great energy rip off
21 Mar 2011

Big Lottery Fund pledges up to £50 million to tackle the effects of climate change on vulnerable groups
17 Mar 2011

If Earth Were Powered From Space - 13 Oct 2010

India: End to Fuel Subsidies Brings Damaging Diversions
9 Aug 2010

Homeowners face £277 fuel-bill hike: Move towards 'green energy' will come at a price - 28 July 10

New strategy to end fuel poverty - 23 July 10

Measures unveiled to help cut fuel poverty - 28 Apr 10

It would pay to take more interest in our energy bills
17 Apr 2010

Coalition calls for end to fuel poverty
17 Mar 2010

UK households in debt to energy suppliers
11 Mar 2010

Gas bill cut just token gesture, says expert
5 Mar 2010

British Gas profits jump by 58% to record high
25 Feb 2010

UK Highlights Need For New Fuel Poverty Strategy
17 Jan 2010

Poll reveals more than 7m households are in fuel poverty - 28 Dec 2009

UK government project to combat fuel poverty runs out of money - 2 Dec 2009

Pensioners face death from the cold this winter
14 Oct 2009

Energy bills could rise by 60%
9 Oct 2009

Fuel Poverty tackled through renewable energy
12 Aug 2009

Energy price cuts 'barely scratch the surface' for those in fuel poverty
18 Mar 2009

SNP takes action on fuel poverty
27 Feb 2009

40,000 deaths predicted this winter in Britain - 4 Feb 09

Millions of pensioners left in the cold by Warm Front scheme
4 Feb 2009

Ulster fuel poverty rates highest in the UK - 2 Feb 2009

UK faces coldest winter for 13 years - 31-01-09

British Gas makes a killing

12 pensioners could die every hour due to cold weather 6-1-09

Battling with Energy Bills - what help is there? 11-9-08

British engineers produce amazing 'petrol from air' technology - 18 Oct 2012

Revolutionary British Hybrid Electric Car unveiled by Axon 27 Oct 2009

Cambridge scientists target ultimate in green electricity
21 Oct 2009

An electric car from China that does 250 mile on one charge
20 Oct 2009

Wind turbine wins 2009 green challenge
25th Sept 2009

Teenager invents £23 solar panel from human hair
10 Sep 2009

Green scientist scoops inventor of the year award - 28 April 2009

Scientists invent £2 energy saving light bulb that lasts for 60 years
30 Jan 2009

Solar Power Breakthrough - the third wave is here

Can the world fight climate change and energy poverty at the same time?

Is black carbon affecting the Asian monsoon?

How recycling mobile phones can benefit the environment

Global warming, fact or fable

How energy companies rip you off

Climate change: a summary of the science by The Royal Society

Bellamy, Climate Change not Man Made

Combating climate change- China’s contribution to the expansion of Africa’s renewable energy sector

The Climate Change Challenge for British Woodland

Do Volcanoes cause climate change

Disposable Nappies (diapers) - No Worse for the Environment Than Cloth Nappies

Walking to the shops damages planet more than going by car

Causes of Climate Change

Causes of Climate Change slammed by 140 Scientists

86 million Americans without healthcare

The truth about climate change

Renewable energy from biomass and biofuel

The 10 big energy myths

The electric car

Lessons from the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference