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Big Lottery Fund pledges up to £50 million to tackle the effects of climate change on vulnerable groups
17 Mar 2011

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The Big Lottery Fund is announcing that it is pledging up to £50 million between now and 2015 to tackle the potential impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable in England. The announcement will be made at its Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities event on Thursday 17 March, bringing together experts to identify how the funding could have the biggest impact.

Vulnerable people, such as low income older people and disabled people may be most challenged by the need to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to new climates, given that they are more likely to live in low quality housing and will be worse affected by the impact of floods and heatwaves, and have fewer resources to reduce their carbon footprint and pay higher fuel bills

With up to £10 million ring-fenced for tackling climate change in the next year, and up to £50 million in total between now and 2015, BIG is bringing together key charities, Government departments and local authorities at today’s Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities event.

BIG wants to encourage discussion and identify opportunities for new approaches and broad community-based solutions to tackle issues around climate change. The event is part of a series that marks a new approach to how BIG consults with external groups to shape its future funding programmes.

BIG has already invested a significant amount of funding in projects tackling climate change and encouraging more sustainable communities. Our Changing Spaces environment programme has invested more than £200 million in projects that promote sustainable living; create and develop green jobs and improve people’s quality of life and well-being. This funding included £11 million for Building Research Establishment (BRE) to enable community groups to install small-scale sustainable energy technologies aiming to cut carbon emissions, reduce energy bills. It also included £13 million for The Open Air Laboratories Network (OPAL) to encourage people to study the natural environment and key issues including climate change, traffic pollution, air and water quality. It has recently launched a national Climate Survey.


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Source: Big Lottery Fund