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Welcome. The material in this section is designed to help busy journalists save valuable time in assembling the necessary copy for their stories.  If you require further help, information or just would like to make a comment on how we can assist you better please feel free to contact us.

Press Release 10-02-09
Banks or Pensioners who would you bail out?
About The Climate Change Challenge & Pledge4REG initiatives
Press Release 10-09-08
UK 8020 Returns the Power to the People before another 30,000 pensioners die in winter 08
Fuel Poverty Fact Sheet
Press Release 29-02-08
Singaporeans are you up to it!
Wind & Solar Fact Sheet
Launch Press Release 12-07-07
Launch with Trevor Baylis OBE,             The world famous inventor
Quotations on Climate Change
Launch Press Release  10-7-07                Madonna helps return power to the people About UK 8020
Launch Report & Photos
Launch of the Climate Change Challenge
and Pledge4REG
About the Founder of UK 8020
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