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How recycling mobile phones can benefit the environment

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Why not Recycle your old mobile phone at Cash 4 Phones

As the popularity of owning a mobile phone has grown around the globe, it has led to a huge amount of old phones being discarded. Newer models are introduced to the market yearly and consumers clamour to have the latest technology at their fingertips.

This unnecessary surplus of old and unwanted phones has become an ever-increasing issue for environmentalists who are concerned with how the mobiles are being disposed of. A lot of old mobile phones will end up in landfill sites, which can have a very serious and harmful effect on the environment. Chemicals used in mobiles leak into the earth’s soil and nearby water supplies, affecting plants and wildlife. A leak from a single battery can contaminate large areas of soil and up to 600,000 litres of water and with chemicals such as cadmium and mercury, which are used in phones, being especially damaging to the environment, the dangers are clear.

In response to the ecological damage that surplus phones ending up in landfill sites is doing to the planet, a number of companies have set up who are happy to receive your mobiles so they can recycle them or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. They will even pay the owner of the phone to do so, no matter how old or unused it is.

Recycling a mobile phone will have a hugely beneficial impact on the planets natural resources too, as things such as metals, used to make millions of phones each year can now be re-used. This reduces the need to mine for new metals, which in turn saves energy as less fossil fuel is used during the mining process. The less fossil fuel that is used results in less carbon emissions being emitted, which all helps to combat global warming.

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