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"Some more ways to save energy and make significant savings. Meeting the challenges of climate change is easier than you think"




Install Loft Insulation
An amazing saving - if you install insulation of 270mm thick you could save up to a whopping £110 a year and reduce heat loss by about 15%DIY costs to install are about £250.




Install Cavity Wall Insulation
You could stop about 15% of your heat being lost through your walls and save around £90. Costs approx £500 for insulation.


Double Glazing
Heat loss through windows can be cut by half and save you up to £100. If you are on a tight budget secondary glazing will still save you money and cut heat loss.


Insulate Tanks and Pipes
An 8mm hot water cylinder jacket will save you £20 a year and only cost £10. Insulating hot water pipes costs about £10 and will save you that every year.



Floor Insulation
Plug any gaps in your floorboards and skirting boards with silicone sealant. Will save you about £15 a year. Under floor insulation will you £40 a year but first take some professional advice before you undertake this.


Draught Proofing
Reduce the cold air entering your home by plugging any gaps with newspaper, sealants, rubber, plastics. Could save £20 off your heating bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint, tackle climate change and save loads of money
Loft Insulation Cavity Wall  Insulate Tanks & Pipes
Double Glazing Insulate Floors Install Draught Proofing