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Fuel Poverty and the Vulnerable

How does Fuel Poverty affect the Vulnerable

Older people are more likely to be hit the hardest when it comes to increases in fuel prices and are more prone to cold related illnesses which in many cases result in death.

Based on 2006 statistics and sourced from Age Concern:

11.3 million were over State Pension Age this was up 420,000 since 2002

of which
7.2 million women were aged 60 and over
9.7 million people were aged 65 and over, of whom 4.2 million were men and
5.5 million were women
2.7 million were aged over 80, up 220,000 since 2002

63% of UK pensioners receive at least half their income from State Pensions and benefits

The UK has more people aged over 60 than under 16

Age Concern estimates that more than 1 in 3 pensioner households are likely to be in fuel poverty by the end of the year

The number of pensioner households in fuel poverty has more than doubled since 2004. Age Concern estimates since the latest round of energy price hikes there are now around 2.5 million older households in fuel poverty in the UK.

Older people experiencing fuel poverty are most likely to be over 75, on a low income particularly means-tested benefits and living alone.

By 2031 almost a quarter of the population will be over state pension age