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Renewable Energy from Wind Power

Wind energy is the kinetic energy that is present in moving air. The kinetic energy of the wind can be changed into other forms of energy; such as mechanical energy or electrical. Wind energy is a pollution-free, infinitely sustainable form of energy. It doesn’t use fuel; it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses and it doesn’t produce toxic or radioactive waste.


Earlier uses of wind energy can be found in the form of windmills that were used to grind grains or pump water to irrigate agricultural land. These types of windmills can still be found in various parts of the world..

Modern uses of wind energy include generation of electricity through wind energy machines called wind turbine generators, wind pumps or wind turbines.


Continuous wind energy spins the blades on a wind turbine to generate energy. The blades of the turbine are attached to a hub that is mounted on a turning shaft. The shaft may go through a gear transmission box where the turning speed is increased. The transmission is attached to a high speed shaft which turns a generator that generates electricity.

The amount of potential energy produced not only depends on wind speed but also by the density of the air, which is determined by the air temperature, barometric pressure and altitude. In any wind turbine, the power and energy output increases dramatically as the wind speed increases. Wind speed is also affected by the local terrain and increases in height above the ground hence wind turbines are usually mounted as high as possible.


Would you consider generating your own electricity from wind power?

Before considering installing a domestic wind turbine, it’s good to consider the following points:

What is the initial cost of the wind turbine installation

The amount of energy the wind turbine could produce

Access the wind at the potential site

Electricity generated at any one time by a wind turbine is highly dependent on the speed and direction of the wind. The wind speed itself is dependent on a number of factors such as location, height of the turbine above ground level and nearby obstructions.

Wind energy is an ideal renewable energy as it is pollution free, an infinitely sustainable form of energy. It doesn’t create greenhouse gasses and it doesn’t produce toxic or radioactive waste.

Ownership of wind turbine generators by individuals or the community allows people to participate directly in the preservation of our environment. Each megawatt-hour of electricity generated by wind energy helps to reduce 0.8 to 0.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions that would normally be produced by coal or diesel fuel each year.