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Climate Change
Myth or Real?

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What is Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is a representation of the effect human activities have on the climate in terms of the total amount of greenhouse gases produced (measured in units of carbon dioxide). Your carbon footprint is the direct effect your actions and lifestyle have on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

The two biggest contributors to your carbon footprint would probably be your travel needs and the use of electricity at home.

All our actions have a direct and indirect impact on climate change. Indirect impact would the distance our food has to travel before it is consumed by us or how far away are the clothes we wear are made.

Direct impact would be the carbon emissions of cars, buses, aeroplanes and our personal electricity needs that generally come from fossil fuel burning power plants.

We have a moral and social responsibility to do something about reducing our own carbon emissions. We need to protect the planet that we expect so much from not just for ourselves but for future generations. Reducing our carbon emissions is important in slowing down climate change. We may even reverse it. Besides stepping up the pressure on governments and big organisations to change their environmental policies and practice, we as individuals can take the necessary actions needed on a personal level. We need to act now.

Carbon Footprint Calculators

A carbon footprint calculator estimates CO2 emissions for energy use and transportation. Your total carbon footprint would account for the energy used to produce all the products and services you consume, as well as all your other activities.

Average individual emissions are calculated from your lifestyle: heating and lighting your home, cooking and how energy efficient you are. When you measure your carbon footprint through a carbon calculator, you can fully recognise how your lifestyle could have an impact on climate change. You will be able to know which part of your lifestyle needs the greatest attention and you can then take the appropriate action needed to reduce your carbon footprint and consequently minimise your personal impact on the climate.

When you drive a car, each gallon of petrol you burn produces carbon in the form of carbon dioxide. Depending on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and the miles travelled, a petrol powered car can easily generate its own weight in carbon dioxide each year.

When you heat and light your home, use air-conditioning, cook, you use energy that is usually derived from burning fossil fuels thereby emitting carbon dioxide.

Air travel is estimated to grow at approximately 5% a year and being one of the major contributors to carbon emissions, the growth in air travel both long haul and short haul will have a significant impact on climate change.




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