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Madonna supports climate change

Will you make a pledge What is Pledge4REG™

Would you like Free energy for life?


Energy that’s clean, green and from your own domestic renewable energy generator?

Free Energy for life begins here
UK 8020 has launched a global Climate Change Challenge to find someone who will invent a domestic REG (renewable energy generator) for £500 and provide at least 90% of your household’s energy needs.
Save loads of money
Our vision is to empower everyone to be able to generate their own electricity. With ever increasing energy costs, you will not only save thousands of ££'s/$$'s but you will make a massive individual contribution to tackling climate change by seriously reducing your carbon footprint.


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 Today No cost involved

Why make a pledge?
• Confirms your support for clean green renewable energy

• Support and encourage the invention and development of REG that is affordable to all communities around the world

• Pledging will help to gauge public interest in such an invention

• When invented (whether it’s through our Challenge or somewhere else) we can put you in touch where to purchase a REG

• You are under no legal obligation to buy or part with any money whatsoever

Pledge4REG and help someone else
Pledge4REG™ is designed to benefit everyone. With constant rising fuel costs, fuel affordability is an ever increasing problem. For example just in the UK alone, 4.5 million which could increase to 8 million by the end of 2008 are in the fuel poverty bracket with a shocking 30,000 senior citizens dying every year from cold related illnesses.

With Pledge4REG™ you are also supporting a campaign to eradicate fuel poverty. When invented you may wish to buy a REG for someone who is in the fuel poverty bracket. It could be an elderly relative, a friend or indeed someone in a third world country. The choice is yours. Remember you are under no obligation to buy a REG or part with any money. Just your support for Pledge4REG™ would be greatly appreciated.

If I want a REG how do I get one
UK 8020 will be responsible for co-ordinating, recording and keeping people who Pledge4REG™ informed on the progress of the Climate Change Challenge™. UK 8020 will contact all Pledgers when the winning REG is about to retail. Pledgers if they so decide (and are under no legal obligation to buy) will then make their REG purchase directly from the retailer or manufacturer. No monies at anytime will be paid directly to UK 8020. Please note, UK 8020 is a registered Not for Profit company.

Can I do anything else to help?
During the two year invention period Pledgers are also encouraged to make an immediate difference to their own carbon footprint by buying and installing low energy light bulbs into their home. Of course you may like to buy someone you know who is in the fuel poverty bracket some low energy light bulbs perhaps a senior citizen. This will have an immediate impact on saving them money by cutting their electricity lighting bill by 80% and cutting carbon emissions therefore tackling climate change. Best of all it will help to rebuild the caring community spirit.

Who will Pledge4REG™ appeal to?
It is hoped that Pledge4REG™ will appeal to anyone wanting to beat rising fuel costs, help end fuel poverty and also help do their part in tackling climate change. It is hoped that even community leaders will encourage Pledges from their own communities. An important underlying objective of Pledge4REG™ is to be a catalyst in re-building communities by forging good relations and tolerance amongst people from all creeds. Community leaders themselves could help identify the most vulnerable such as the elderly most at risk and promote Pledge4REG™ as a means of eventual support.


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